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Lopez Legal Group in Miami specializes in governmental affairs for local and international clients, offering guidance on legislative, regulatory, and business matters. Our areas of expertise include criminal defense, family law, corporate law, immigration, and more.
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Government Law
Government Law

Lopez Legal Group, Inc. offers expertise in government law, advising on policy, compliance, and litigation with governmental bodies.


Immigration law encompasses rights, processes, and issues for individuals in the U.S. Lopez Legal Group, Inc. assists in navigating this complex field.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property

Counseling clients regarding copyright protection and litigation, domain name disputes,and protection, domestic and international trademark protection 

Personal Injury
Personal Injury

Non-citizen personal injury claims in the U.S. involve legal recourse for injuries. Lopez Legal Group, Inc. offers guidance in navigating this complex process.

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Compassion, Care & Commitment

At our law firm, care and compassion are the bedrock of our practice. We prioritize understanding and legal journey empathizing with our clients' situations, ensuring they feel supported and empowered.


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How Much Compensation Will I Receive For Inquiries?
Compensation varies based on factors like nature of inquiry, circumstances, and applicable laws.
How Can I Submit An Application To The Court Of Protection?
You may submit through designated channels, adhering to procedural guidelines set by the court.
What Kinds Of LPAs Are There?
There are two types of LPAs: one for health and welfare decisions, and another for property and financial affairs.
What Is The Right Time To File For Divorce?
The right time to file for divorce varies, depending on individual circumstances, emotional readiness, and legal considerations.
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